Pyrrole Disorder, or Pyrrouria, affects about 11% of population, mostly woman. It can cause devastating chronic illnesses and plays an important role in many psychiatric conditions. Sadly, most people remain undiagnosed through life, although it can quickly cured by supplementation of correct nutrients.


Pyrroluria Disorder has it´s roots in genetics (runs in families):


Pyrroluria can be lab tested from blood or urine samples, by measuring the levels of Kryptopyrroles.


Severe Pyrroluria has a strong genetic base, usually inherited from both parents. Those may experience psychiatric conditions since childhood such as chronic depression and intermittent explosive disorder. In severe Pyrroluria the urine becomes with a reddish-purple color (mauve). As discovered by Dr. Abram Hoffer in 1950’s, supplementation of Vitamin B3 should eliminate the mauve color urine symptom in schizophrenic patients.

External Factors:

Stress is also a strong contributor for increased levels of HPL.  Because of that, Pyrroluria can be induced early in life by childhood trauma or chronic infection.

Stress will not only worsen symptoms but may also make it a chronic condition when the digestive system gets compromised, especially the intestines. Then it tends to persist throughout a person’s life, or until your digestive system is healed. That´s why for most people the onset of Pyrroluria symptoms only occurs after late teens, triggered by a traumatic event such as the death of a loved one, parental divorce or moving away to college.

Other external factors that contribute for Pyrroluria are poor diet, environmental toxicity (heavy metals) and drug abuse (alcohol, marihuana, etc), as put your body under stress and remove it´s ability to recover.


Leaky gut syndrome is the most common digestive problem, but

Negative Effects

1) The worst effect of Pyrroluria is nerve damage:


2) As discovered in 2008, Pyrroluria also results in Biotin deficiency, what has several side effects and in severe cases can even cause death.


3) Zinc and B6 are essential for the metabolism of some fatty acids which are totally absent in our diet. That´s because they are needed to produce the D6D enzyme. That´s why GLA is one of the supplements used with Pyrroluria patients.

Image6(*) D6D and bacterial infection:

4) For some Pyrroluria sufferers, but not all, Hypercupremia may also develop. That´s and excess of copper, in this case by the Zinc and B6 deficiency. Among other symptoms, this will cause severe mood swings. However the Nutrients used in Pyrroluria already include the nutrients used to treat Hypercupremia.


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