Mineral Emotions

This page show show minerals affect your emotions.

Copper and Zinc are antagonists, so one suppresses the other:

Diminished emotional response. Copper Effeminate, weak, sentimental, childish, fears, depressed, extreme emotions, schizophrenic syndrome, violence, premenstrual syndrome, postpartum psychosis.
DeficiencyArrow ArrowCross ExcessArrow
Emotional weakness, indecision, male impotency, heightened emotional life, effeminate, schizoid-like tendencies. Zinc Diminished emotional life, detached martyr type.
DeficiencyArrow ExcessArrow
Fatigued, lethargic, depressed, unable to get started. Sodium Active, high energy, aggressive, self-starters.
Fatigued, depressed, withdrawn, low energy, low stamina. Potassium Overactive, good stamina.
Emotionally unstable, irritable, hyperkinetic behaviors, short tempered, tense, unable to slow down, extroverted. Calcium Rigid, withdrawn, calcium shell, introverted, sluggish, insensitive, diminished awareness.
High-strung, irritable, hyperactive, belligerent. Magnesium Withdrawn, sluggish, depressed, sleepy. Hibernating animals exhibit very high magnesium levels.
Tired, weak, anemic, low energy. Iron Hostile, aggressive, rigid.
Fatigued, lethargic, weakness. Manganese Rigid, schizophrenia.
Mood swings (hypoglycemia). Chromium Represents a chromium loss.



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