In ALL psychiatric conditions there is a relying biochemical unbalance in the brain, and in most cases, the primary unbalance resides in the methylation cycle (*). This process affects which parts of your DNA each cell will process (making each cell different).

(*) That´s the cellular process that does the simple task of continuously add methyl groups to substrates, were a methyl group is just one carbon plus three hydrogens (CH3).

In 30% of our population, the methylation cycle rate is altered, either too slow (22%) or too fast (8%), what affects the balance of your neurotransmitters. Primary cause is genetics. This means your personality is influenced by the genetic mutations you have that affect the enzymes needed for the methylation cycle to work. Here are them:

Under-Over-MethylationThe most frequently way of checking your methylation status is by your histamine levels:

Histamine Level

Although genetics are determinant, nutritional deficiencies (that we all have) are the main reason to worry, as this is what exacerbates your genetic deviation, in a way that will negatively affect your well being and mental health. That may explain why most undermethylated people have excelent mental health while 15-20% of them are psychiatric patients.

Because of the genetic footprint of each individual, there is no nutritional program that can balance everyone. Knowledge of your individual biochemistry, especially your methyl status, is essential to determine which nutrients will improve or deteriorate your mental health.

Under-Methylated Over-Methylated
Essential (*) SAM-e or Methonine,
and Inositol
DMAE, Choline,
Folic Acid (B9),
and Manganese
Also AVOID Pantothenic Acid (B5) TMG and DMG
Helpful (*) Calcium
Cobalamin (B12)
Niacin (B3)
Nutrients (*)
Zinc + B6
Vitamin C
Vitamin A
Zinc + B6 + P5P
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Omega-3 DHA + EPA

Essential: All essential nutrients for under-methylaters are harmful for over-methylaters, and vice-versa (unless you have been tested to be deficient on a that specific nutrient)
Helpful: Nutrients which will usually be helpful at aggressive dosages.
Augmenting Nutrients: Supplement above RDA to enhance your metabolism.


Methyl groups compete against Acetyl groups and this fight should be balanced. Predominance of Acetyl promotes genetic expression (protein production) while Methyl groups do the opposite effect silencing genetic expression. Hence abnormal methylation makes your epigenetic diseases, such as schizophrenia, much more likely to be triggered.


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