Statistically, 30% of our population has abnormal methylation and can improve their mood and well being with indidialized nutrient therapy. Additionally, 10% of our pupulation (most of them woman) deteriorate under stress because of Pyrrole Disorder, and that can be avoided by reinforcing specific nutrients. Finally, among clinically depressed woman, 45% suffer from copper excess (Hypercupremia).


The biotype of Under/Over Methylation itself is not likely to compromise your mental health if you have a good diet (and your are not a malabsorber). However, methylation status tends to inversely affect your folate cycle and if that´s the case, then your neurotransmitters will be affected, and your mental health.

Although UnderMethylation is more common, OverMethylation imposes a risk in your mental health that is about 3 times bigger. OverMethylators are highly more prone to folate deficiency and in the case of woman copper excess (Hypercupremia). On the other hand, UnderMethylation when combined with Pyrrole Disorder will also impose great risk on your mental health, especially for depression, as both conditions reduce your Serotonin and Dopamine.

Hypercupremia usually onsets after puberty or pregnancy, but may worsen gradually due to excessive copper exposure, such as from drinking water from copper pipes. Among 10-20% woman suffer from a full-blown depressive episode after childbirth and for some the copper excess may remain for years.

Nutrient therapy will not show noticeable response as fast as medicines, but it is more powerful:
Pyrrole Disorder: 1 week
OverMethylation: 20 days
Copper Excess: 1 month
UnderMethylation: 1-3 months
Malabsorption: 2-3 months


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