Welcome !

This blog was created to spread the word about the power of individualized nutrient therapy in healing you or your family members you love from mental illnesses.

With the concise guide I present, you will be able to:

  1. Identify and understand your possible biochemical imbalances
  2. Determining which vitamins, minerals and other supplements may be beneficial for you, and which aren’t.
  3. Know the dosage of each supplement that you may take without medical prescription or supervision.
  4. Give you headlines about books, supplements and exams that can make your treatment more precise and effective.

My work was motivated by the book below, released in 2012:

Nutrient Power Logo

My background: I am nothing but someone with a high IQ, extreme curiosity and INTP personality, who wants to help people the same way I helped my daughter. My profession is software development.


One thought on “Welcome !

  1. Hello, I am one of Carl C. Pfeiffer’s patients in 1971 at Brain Bio in Princeton and would like to find pyrroluric ‘maintainers’, like myself, to help simplify a less-commercial diagnosis and life-style maintenance of our genetic group and also to pursue the genetic identification of mauve-factor genotypes in the populace.
    I am in 23andMe and working on this there, but slow. Please contact me.

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